About us

Founded in 2007, Ann Gems is a leading dealer of fine, rare and precious stones located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

Based in the Jewellery Trade Centre, Ann Gems has become a name synonymous with high quality and perfect finishes, providing both businesses and customers with the best selection of expertly cut gemstones and semi precious stones at competitive prices.

Our Vision

Ann Gems was founded to provide lovers of gems and fine jewels with a vast array of stunning stones, each carefully selected to encompass the finest possible polish and proportions.

The company was founded by gemologist Ubolwan Ann Udomwongkul, who after graduating from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America wanted to combine her expertise with her passion for dealing with high-quality gems. Ann carefully selects the stones used, only dealing with gemstones that have been unheated and untreated. This approach not only helps to preserve the natural qualities that give each stone it’s vibrant and beautiful finish, but it also exemplifies Ann’s steadfast commitment to quality control and perfectionism. It is this dedication to finding rare and gorgeous gemstones that sets Ann Gems apart from the competition, rendering it a leading retailer of fine stones in Bangkok.

Ann is particularly known for the quality of cuts, along with her principles of integrity, honesty and sincerity. Her straightforward approach helps clients feel at ease, and makes easy the process of buying quality gems for any jewellery application or special occasion.

Why Ann Gems?

Ann Gems is the go-to name for clients around the world who demand only the finest quality gemstone cuts.

The vast choice available means even the most discerning customer can find a beautiful stone suitable for any setting, including rare and exclusive gems. At Ann Gems, you will be able to browse a number of fine stone types, including:

• Ruby (including rare Burmese Ruby)
• Jade
• Sapphire
• Emerald
• Garnet
• Aquamarine
• Alexandrite
• Spinels in all colours. Blue Spinel, Red Spinel and even Black Spinel

Each stone is carefully sourced and expertly cut to ensure a pristine finish, and all jewel stones are competitively priced. What’s more, as untreated gemstones are such a rarity, you will be able to discover incredible gems that you simply will not be able to find anywhere else.

To find out more about any of the gemstones we have on offer, or to learn about the history and ethos of Ann Gems please feel free to email us at annagems@gmail.com